It seems with every album Taylor Swift just gets bigger and bigger. her latest album "1989" has proven this true with 4 No. 1 singles on The Music Nation's Top 100 Songs, a No. 1 album that continues to sell, and legion of dedicated fans worldwide. Taylor brought here "1989 World Tour" to Chicago's Soldier Field for two sold out nights to a crowd of 55,000. 

Being one of those 55,000 fans packed into soldier field, it was very apparent just how popular Taylor Swift is and how far reach is encompassing all ages and all walks of life. And while most acts have just one opening act, Taylor boasts three including Shawn Mendes, Vance Joy, and HAIM. Unfortunately, Shawn Mendes' set was missed to the massive crowd trying to entering the stadium. Vance Joy took the stage with a stripped down approach and wowed the crowd as he worked through his set which featured his smash "Riptide" and his new single "Fire And The Flood." 

HAIM took the stage a little later and were really like a punch in the gut. They were the polar opposite of Vance Joy's set with the  three sisters treating the gig as more of a jam session than anything else. "Days Are Gone" was one of the most critically acclaimed albums of 2014 & HAIM's breakthrough hit "The Wire" was a Top 5 hit on The Music Nation's Top 100 Songs & they also earned a nomination for Best New Artist of the Year so it was nice to see these ladies in action. One thing was clear - they can play and they know how to rock. It's a shame that the sound quality in the stadium was not great (there was a huge echo bouncing off the back of it) because HAIM's set would have been even more enjoyable. They blew through "The Wire" and even treated fans to a rock version of their Calvin Harris collaboration "Pray To God."  

As night fell on Chicago, Taylor took the stage turning the crowd into a frenzy of screams and singing with the opener "Welcome To New York." From the moment she stepped on stage, Taylor was "on." She may not be the best dancer, but one thing is for sure, she knows how to work the crowd. The quick interludes whether was Taylor speaking to the audience as their friend or with the video interludes which included some of her besties - Selena Gomez, HAIM, Lena Dunham to mention a few - drew you in and drove home the message of friendship (or in Taylor's case - sisterhood.) 

One of the nice things about the 1989 tour is that it relies heavily on lights & videos versus actual sets on the stage which with such large audiences, everyone can enjoy. Taylor dazzled as she delivered hits 
"Blank Space," "Style," "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and amped-up rock version "I Knew You Were Trouble." She also had more intimate, stripped down moments performing songs like "Fifteen" and "Love Story." One of the most anticipated moments of the night was who would join her for the guest appearance which has become a special treat of the 1989 Tour. Taylor did not disappoint in Chicago as Andy Grammer strolled on stage to whip the crowd into overload as he and Taylor sang his huge smash "Honey I'm Good." 

There was no huge encore but Taylor ended the night with her No. 1 smash "Shake It Off" complete with a rotating catwalk which featured Taylor and her dances spaced out across it shaking it off while towards the end, fireworks started shooting off. It was the perfect ending to a perfect night of music, dancing, and fun. Taylor delivered one of the best paced shows and showed exactly why she is at the top of her game and one of the biggest artists on the planet.