The Music Nation's Special Feature celebrates milestone anniversaries for iconic albums. This month, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Madonna's critically acclaimed and groundbreaking album "Ray Of Light." Click here to read more. 
Weekend Rewind is heating up each weekend this summer. See what is on the menu for the next 4 weeks. 
Our ethereal alternative rock queen is back! Florence + The Machine released their 4th album "High As Hope" on 06.30.2018 fueled by the glorious and gorgeous lead single "Hunger." 

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LIFT OFF/07.01.2018

THE MUSIC NATION is returning after a two year long hiatus. The hope is to bring your more streamlined music content from new and upcoming releases for singles and albums, revamped Music Nation Charts, a frequent dose of music nostalgia and history and the latest music news. Make sure to follow The Music Nation on Twitter and Facebook! 
The Music Nation's summer tour schedule is jam packed including Thirty Seconds To Mars and Janet Jackson. Check out what TMN thought of each show here. 
1978 was a great year which saw the formation of two legendary bands - The Cure and The Go-Go's. Both bands deserve to be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and have been incredibly influential on the music scene. 

The Music Nation celebrates 40 years of great music and the impact the personal impact they each had on the formation of The Music Nation's musical evolution. 

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